It is LIBTEKS’s policy to operate its business as a responsible corporate citizen. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our business strategies. At the business level, we are identifying the long-term trends that affect our markets and looking to see how products and applications can play a part in supporting and providing solutions to the challenges those markets face. We believe we can address some of those challenges, such as higher energy prices and scarcer water sources, through our innovation, product research and development programs.

We see a better world in which our innovations help reduce consumption of natural resources and improve the quality of life for people everywhere. We see a work environment that encourages our associates to improve their processes to reduce resource consumption and turn waste streams into profitable products, creating and sustaining jobs and enhancing the bottom line. We see a company that not only boasts a strong balance sheet, but is also an active contributor to society and a champion for protecting our environment.

We are committed not only to complying with the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations that apply to our business, but also to adhere to the highest standards of ethics in all dealings that involve the company or its business and reputation. Our basic core values and strong business ethics continue to be the foundation for our business success. We know that operating responsibly is important to ensuring a long-term sustainable future for our business, employees and is fundamentally critical for society as a whole. LIBTEKS takes a holistic approach to the social, environmental, and economical aspects of business as well as being responsible stewards of valuable resources.

We focus our SUSTAINABILITY efforts on improvements that matter, to make the most meaningful impact we can. Our goal is to operate sustainably, while maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment. To reach that goal, LIBTEKS will continue to seek cooperative relationships with appropriate programs such as OEKO TEX and with relevant organizations in the communities we serve. To operate sustainably,

LIBTEKS will strive

• To provide customers with environmentally-
responsible products

• Educate and engage employees, customers
and others on the importance of conserving
resources, reducing waste and recycling

• Use resources – energy, fuel, water and
materials – more efficiently and responsibly
to minimize our environmental footprint

• Review and communicate progress made
toward achieving established goals and
objectives with all concerned

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