Eylül 21, 2020

LIBTEKS has developed its core competencies for Performance Apparel Collection from a broad range of process and yarn technology platforms. :

We offer knowledge of advance Nano Process Technology for Moisture Management, Odor Control-Freshness, Stain Release, Repelling, Quick Dry, UV-Shield, Thermal Control, Comfort and Softness of our products. We can deliver these solutions individually or combined to provide multiple benefits in the finished apparel Our Performance

Apparel Collection provides:

• Intelligent solutions to the demands of the consumer for comfort and performance.

• A broad display of performance features, which will give our customers the ability to deliver innovative products that provide performance features and benefits to meet today’s consumers’ desire in their apparel. DRY-COOL It is a moisture management system providing wash-resistant hydrophilic properties for fibers of all kinds.

Fabrics dry quicker, wick moisture away from the skin and stay soft and breathable even when the wearer is involved in high-intensity sport activities. It keeps the body dry and cool. FRESHNESS: It is <b>LIBTEKS’ antimicrobial technology. It provides long lasting hygienic freshness with optimal wear comfort and prevents development of microbial caused odors. It prevents unpleasant odors from being absorbed by the garment. Consumers feel fresh and clean even after a workout at the gym.

SOFT: It is a finish given in the final stage of textile processing. The garments will be given the extra handle or soft touch that designers dream of for their creations.

REPELL: It is a fluorine-free, water repelling technology that provides long lasting protection against water-moisture for apparel such as Rash Guard. Rain water cannot penetrate fabrics treated with

REPELL; instead, moisture remains in droplet form on the fabric and can simply be wiped away or left to run off. In addition, it is proven that REPEL treated clothes retain their original appearance better than untreated apparel.

STAIN-RELEASE: It is fluorine-free stain management that effects textiles for up to 30 washes. It is fully aligned with many industry benchmarks, including

OEKO-TEX, UV-SHIELD: It shields consumers from the harmful effects of both UV-A and UV-B rays.